Open-NIS Project

There are different ways of defining healthcare data. Data from electronic medical records or EMR can be thought of as patient data stored in the database based on healthcare data classification or medical coding. This is the usual method applied when designing interdepartment collaborative applications, like the EMR. Aside from the more traditional approach, healthcare data can also be defined as a type of content in the context of Content Management Systems or CMS.

The Open Nursing Information System or Open-NIS Project is an open standards collaboration and advocacy for electronic information systems designed by and for healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, using Content Management Systems (CMS) as healthcare application platforms. The current CMS of focus is WordPress. Workflow modules that nurses can use in the clinical setting, such as electronic nursing kardex, incident reporting system, phone directory and procedures manual, can be integrated into a content-driven healthcare information system.

The Open-NIS Project is open for research and educational collaboration, and clinical implementation. Please send an email to with your intent to collaborate or implement.