Electronic Medical Record

Among the healthcare professionals, nurses are, perhaps, the greatest number when it comes to using electronic medical records (EMR). To provide a caring and safe environment for patients, beginning nurses are trained on how to use an organization's EMR system before being deployed in the clinical care setting. However, nurses are not just consumers or users of EMR's. Some nurses working as analysts or informaticists deal with improving healthcare workflow by modifying EMR builds - even without the knowledge of programming.

One of the healthcare IT modules that was developed by the Open Nursing Information System (Open-NIS) project is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module. This basic and nurse-centric EMR module includes patient registration, patient visit or encounter entries, and visit or encounter documentations, such as Nursing notes, using data or content types. Although the simple template is designed for use in the academe (Nursing Informatics course), more extensive integrations and modifications can be made to make the system suitable for clinical implementations.