Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are application development platforms that enable developers to build applications using either Low-Code or No-Code approach. Developers with programming background are able to integrate codes and packages when building these applications. Those without programming background, on the other hand, are still able to create applications that can be used by particular group of users in the company or organization. Analysts or informaticists tasked with EMR build and modification do not have to be trained on how to code using the programming language the EMR is built on. The graphical user interface (GUI) feature of CMS's enables the seamless development of EMR modules without the need for coding. Thus, content management systems are ideal training or implementing platforms when it comes to preparing document templates for healthcare data.


The Open-NIS Project has adopted WordPress and WordPress-based content management systems as application platform in developing open standards for health information systems. The content management system began as a blogging platform. WordPress, however, is not just a tool for blogging and creating informational websites. It can also be an ideal tool for developing content-driven healthcare applications with healthcare professionals as both end-users and developers.