Nursing ekardex in Education

About the Project

The Nursing ekardex in Education project was incubated at the Teaching Nursing Informatics (TNI) course offered by the University of the Philippines - College of Nursing. The group responsible for the project is composed of members: Cristina Rebollido, Deannah Lou Tampus, Jose III Barbudo, Merly Gregorio, Raymund John Ang and Zenas Paloma (Batch: October-December, 2020).

Project Goals

  • Enhance an open source patient care summary or electronic nursing kardex using concepts in Nursing Informatics.
  • Prepare resource materials for Nursing Informatics instructors for integrating the nursing ekardex as a teaching tool.
  • Establish linkages with Schools of Nursing for the adoption of the nursing ekardex as a teaching tool in the Nursing Informatics curriculum through Point of Contacts (POC's).

Using the Nursing ekardex

  1. Click on the "Login" menu button.
  2. Enter user credentials:
    For Station 1 Nurse, type in username station1 and password station1.
    For Station 2 Nurse, type in username station2 and password station2.
    For Nursing Admin, type in username nursing_admin and password nursing_admin.
    Then, click "Log In" button.
  3. You are now in the user dashboard page. To visit the Nursing ekardex application, hover cursor over "Open-NIS Project" home menu button at the upper left corner, and click "Visit Site".
  4. To search for rooms, hover cursor over "Electronic Nursing Kardex" menu button, and click "Search Room" sub-menu.
  5. To add a room, hover cursor over "Electronic Nursing Kardex" menu button, and click "Add Room" sub-menu.
  6. To edit information, click "Edit Form". Make the necessary changes, and click "Edit Patient" button. You have now made changes to the patient care summary.
  7. To print patient care summary using the electronic nursing kardex, click the "Print" button. Make sure you are done editing patient information before you click "Edit Patient" button, so you can print updated patient care summary.