Gerontology and Nursing Informatics Program

Purpose of the program: Better utilization of telehealth technology for integration of care for seniors in their homes by deploying remote care management and reduce costs by improving engagement and education of patients, promotion of adherence to treatments, and early intervention to keep readmissions at a minimum. Details of the program: Home Health Care is a system of care for home-bound patients that are provided by skilled health care practitioners through the use of telehealth technologies. The purposes of remote home health care are to (1) aid in improving the level of functioning of people and enable them to live with greater independence, (2) promotion of the optimal level of well-being, and (3) enable seniors to continue to remain in their respective homes and avoid admission or readmission to institutions for long term care, and hospitalizations. There are five (5) advantages of home health care namely: (1) better comprehension of important issues like management of nutrition and medications that is due to an enhanced view of patients and caregivers; (2) improved access to healthcare for patients with socioeconomic and physical barriers to healthcare; (3) an improved collaborative relationship between clinician and patient; (4) desired healthcare services are available at lower costs; and (5) improved safety for the frail due to fewer complications of hospitalizations. Due to the advantages of home health care services, the community and the homes of the future will emerge as the settings for primary care for a diverse consortium of health care services. Home health care services and health care services will become very synonymous that it would not be referred to as “home health care” but as “modern healthcare”. The program aims to develop a system to integrate remote health care given to seniors in their homes through: the use of personal mobile devices; the Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices that promote medication adherence, integration of IoT enabled wearable healthcare devices, and IoT enabled smart homes; the use of Big Data analytics; and use of robots for senior care.

Program Director: Joseph Andrew T. Pepito, RN, MAN