Electronic Nursing Kardex

Welcome to the Electronic Nursing Kardex module, a nursing informatics prototype module developed under the Open-NIS Project based on the Open Standards for WordPress in Healthcare. The module aims to showcase an electronic patient care summary for nurses to use in the clinical setting to keep them updated with the most relevant information with regards to patient care. This could also make endorsement or reporting relatively efficient since patient information can be printed instead of the next shift making hand-written notes from verbal report given by the previous shift.

The electronic medical record (EMR) is an interdepartmental health information system where physicians place their orders, nurses chart notes and fill up medication administration forms, the pharmacists verify medication orders, and where laboratory and diagnostic personnel complete blood or diagnostic work-up results. The format and structure of data entries in the EMR depends on inputs and recommendations from a wide variety of professions. The nursing kardex or patient care summary is an information system tool that nurses can proudly say of their own. The type, format and layout of content depend on how nurses in the unit will be using the kardex. No other profession can dictate how the patient care summary workflow should be implemented. As far as nursing informatics, the nursing kardex is truly a nurse-owned information system.

The Open-NIS Project welcomes the collaboration of nurse educators who are interested in using the electronic patient care summary as an academic tool to prepare future nurses in the field of nursing informatics, and provide them with the necessary skill set.

The electronic patient care summary feature is not a replacement for an electronic medical record or hospital information system. The kardex has been a crucial tool used by nurses to store information on paper. This module transforms the traditional manner of updating a kardex through electronic means. The electronic patient care summary or nursing kardex WordPress plugin can be downloaded at https://github.com/ray-ang/open-nis-nursing-kardex.

Using the Electronic Nursing Kardex

  1. Click on the "Login" menu button.
  2. Enter user credentials:
    For Station 1 Nurse, type in username station1 and password station1.
    For Station 2 Nurse, type in username station2 and password station2.
    For Nursing Admin, type in username nursing_admin and password nursing_admin.
    Then, click "Log In" button.
  3. You are now in the user dashboard page. To visit the Electronic Nursing Kardex application, hover cursor over "Open-NIS Project" home menu button at the upper left corner, and click "Visit Site".
  4. To search for rooms, hover cursor over "Electronic Nursing Kardex" menu button, and click "Search Room" sub-menu.
  5. To add a room, hover cursor over "Electronic Nursing Kardex" menu button, and click "Add Room" sub-menu.
  6. To edit information, click "Edit Form". Make the necessary changes, and click "Edit Patient" button. You have now made changes to the patient care summary.
  7. To print patient care summary using the electronic nursing kardex, click the "Print" button. Make sure you are done editing patient information before you click "Edit Patient" button, so you can print updated patient care summary.

Logging In

Adding a Room

Searching a Room

Printing a Room