Virtual Laboratory

The Open-NIS Project created this virtual laboratory to demonstrate working prototypes of nursing information systems using the Open Standards for WordPress in Healthcare. Through this virtual laboratory, healthcare professionals who are interested in developing healthcare web applications using WordPress will have a glimpse on how basic WP web applications look and function so they can strategize their health information system projects based on the open standards. Education For academic institutions or medical care facilities interested in building healthcare web applications using WordPress, either as training modules or intranet healthcare web solutions, the Open-NIS Project is open for collaboration and offers the use of its Virtual Laboratory for teaching and prototyping purposes. Research For academic researchers and scholars who wish to investigate the use of WordPress and other open source systems to make healthcare workflow more efficient, the Open-NIS Project welcomes requests for research collaboration and the use of its Virtual Laboratory. Module Access To access the prototype healthcare application modules created using the open standards, please use the login details below. Station 1 Nurse (Staff) Username: station1 Password: station1 Station 2 Nurse (Staff) Username: station2 Password: station2 Nursing Administration Username: nursing_admin Password: nursing_admin