What is Open-NIS?

Vision:   Open-NIS as an open standards project, idea and advocacy for electronic health information systems

To empower healthcare professionals, especially nurses, by democratizing application development in healthcare through open standards in content management systems

What Open-NIS IS:

  • The Open-NIS Project aims to enhance healthcare professionals’ efficiency, particularly nurses, by digitizing tasks and workflows through establishing open standards in the use of content management systems as application development platform.
  • The project advocates the use of open source technology, specifically WordPress-based CMS, as content management system for healthcare application development.
  • Project output is through open standards and recommendations in systems design and implementation.


What Open-NIS IS NOT:

  • There is no single final product or version of a software application system distributed by the Project.
  • The Open-NIS Project does not limit itself to the data generated by the electronic medical records. According to the data-information-knowledge continuum, to make data useful, it is necessary for data to be processed so relevant information can be obtained.